a spires embers by adam nankervis, gogolfest, mystetskyi arsenal, kiev / ukraine (2009)

the steeple by adam nankervis

the steeple by adam nankervis

visual kei by stephanie gerner

artists: jenny brown (photo), stephan halter (box on top)

juwelia by anja teske

the nose by stephan halter

artists: stephanie gerner, david medalla

a stitch in time by david medalla

artist: benjamin dewor

artist: deborah wargon

A spires Embers curated by Adam Nankervis, initiated by Lubov Mikhailova (September 11-27 2009)

A SPIRES EMBERS is an exhibition exploring the notion of fracture and fractured states within the newly ruptured, ruptured, broken and buliding of states in and of the current global zeitgeist. Here we explore Orpheus´turning gaze. What we find are testimonies to past present past futures. An exploration of spiritual, political, financial territorial shifts, dislocation, anhebriahation of the new, the despair of lost, the seduction of the found. Artists are invited in the construct of a spire, an aspiration to flood the temple´s steeple within a dialogue of saturation to be housed in the Arsenal (Kiev).

The "steeple" will be an autonomous structure built within meters of the Mystetkyi Arsenal Kiev. Like an albatros nest, the marathon of trawling of flotsam jetsam, installed in a tower of spatial conduction which will be wrought with the findings and works of artists, both nationally in the Ukraine and internationally. Artists are invited to do interventions within the superstructure and outside within the vaulted states of the Arsenal. This paradigm will be multi disciplinary, painting, sculpture, video, sound installation, performative action, time based work, bringing together a ruptured choir of different dialogues.

Adam Nankervis