another self junction (2012)

another self junction, photographic print on sandpaper, din a4, object frame (2012)

Stephanie Gerner is concerned with the medium photography in her works since years, especially with the presentation and surface feel of the image carrier.
With the common perfection inside the digital photography in mind she started to question this phenomenon and explored different presentations of the digital image.
She started to print on different papers which are all to be find in our daily lifes and which have a certain function like wrapping paper oder sandpaper. Dealing with this she started to question the perfectioned portrayal of the photographic image, especially the digital, aswell as the certain function of anything in general.

In 2010 she decided because of its fascinating structure and its inconsistency upon sandpaper:
rough, raspy, intractable – and according to the incidence of light powerful sparkling and glamourous.

Stephanie Gerner is doing self-portraits since years to question herself as an artist and individual within society aswell as the mutual exertion of influence of society and a single person.
In her works „another self separation“ and „another self junction“ she shows self-portraits printed on sandpaper. The brutal printing process is not randomly chosen but should pertain as as illustration of a merciless and often distorted self-portrayal within our society.